Foto de María Artiaga

My new adventure!

After years of research of the creative processes, blocks and limiting beliefs; after running an e-learning platform of humanistic training for four years and after turning my creative life upside down, I have decided to share what I’ve learned on my way.

Creativity is energy. Also, it is an attitude towards life. It can not be forced, it can not be acted, it can only be allowed. It seems simple, but we live in a society that urges us to change, to force ourselves, to change ourselves. Allowing ourselves to flow, discovering the inner creative cycles, living accordingly to our values and daring to speak with our unique voice is a REVOLUTION.

This is the focus of my two workshops: Creative cycles for women artists and Online communication for artists. Nowadays I give them in Lisbon, but soon they will be available online as well.

Meanwhile, I invite you to visit my blog, where you can find texts about creativity, coherence, fears and other elusive creatures.

Who am I to talk about this?

I am an artist, a creative entrepreneur, but above all I am a persona that spent years hiding in a shell, trapped by the self sabotage and the fears, incapable of accepting myself not to talk about stepping out and showing myself to the world. I’ve read hundreds of articles about creativity, self expression, fears and strategies to fight them. I’ve attended to workshops and courses. I’ve shared lots of glasses of vine with artists and other creative persons. I’ve been very lucky to find myself surrounded by wonderful people who shared with me their secrets, doubts and techniques. And now I share mines with you.

You can find my bio here.