Creative cycles for women artists

What?: Workshop
How long?: 4 hours
To whom?: Women, specially those in creative professions

To know the personal creative cycles and processes is the key to unfold all our creative potential as an artist. Everybody is cyclic, the creativity itself is cyclic. We, women, have a powerful ally in our menstrual cycle: when we get to know the different phases and their characteristics, we can increase our creativity and productivity, as well as diminish the stress that comes when we ignore our body signals and try to force ourselves in the wrong moment.

Alina Zarekaite - ilustración para workshopIn this workshop, we are going to approach the different phases of our cycle from a practical and freeing point of view. Besides of the general scientific information, we will share our experiences and learn how to make most of every phases.

The workshop is based on three pillars:

At the end of the workshop, we will have time to create an individual agenda.

Maybe you have doubts about the importance of the menstrual cycle. That’s OK. Me too, just a few years ago, knew nothing about it, and frankly, didn’t even care. But, since I’ve discovered it through readings, workshops and, above all, direct observation, it has become a powerful tool to advance the good moments for everything: when to create, when to set up meetings with important persons, when to retire to my cave to find new inspiration… I invite you to shake off all the prejudices: if you are a menstruating woman, it affects you, whether you like it or not. So, why not to turn it in to your ally?

Concepts we will approach:

Next dates:

April 30, from 16 to 20 hours at PANDO (Rua Particular à Manuel Soares Guedes n.º 7b. Lisboa). Price: 40 euros