About me

Alina en el estudio. Foto de María ArtiagaAlina Zarekaite

(Lithuania, 1986)

My head is always filled with ideas and my path is to follow my heart.

This path has taken me to Seville and now to Lisbon, creating my life as I create my art: trying to get to the essence, to capture the soul, to be coherent.

I have painted since I was a little girl, but I’ve spent many years doing anything but art. To engage again with the creation felt just like returning home; a home to which you are invited as well.

Besides arts, I am passionate about creativity as a study object, so I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand the creative cycles and blocks, as well as the limiting beliefs that hold me (us) down. Now I share my discoveries and ideas in my workshops.

The coherence is other of the things that are always present in my life. Coherence as the courage to live accordingly to my own values, to have a unique voice, to allow me instead of forcing me. And I am not only applying this to myself, I also tell my experiences and thoughts in my blog and I couch other people in their way to reach major levels of coherence and happiness in their businesses and their lives.